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About Hi-Security Fencing & Gates P/L

We have over thirty-five years acquired considerable knowledge and experience in industrial fencing.

We can make this claim because we can support them with performance and testimony.

In 1997 we were awarded the contract for the steel mesh fence to the new high security prison at Laverton in Victoria. This fence was the first European style welded mesh fence to be constructed in Australia. It is known as 3" x ½" x 8g Security panel fence and Security Fencing (Vic) Pty Ltd is the sole erector in Australia.

This product is one of a range of special panels of aesthetic design from the internationally acclaimed Siddall & Hilton and produced in Britain. Further information is available from our technical staff. It is more important to note that this type of fencing panel and barbed tape significantly reduces the cost of armed guards & pilfering to high secure areas.

Another instance of the company's performance of recent time was the securing of the wharf area at Webb Dock. We were required to be on standby and install several hundred metres of chain mesh fencing at very short notice. In fact the completed job was installed to the client satisfaction within 48 hours of their call.

Finally, to show our flexibility, we are the preferred contractor to the V.A.T.C. at Caulfield Racecourse. Extensive work over a long period has been won by our service and workmanship. Many other building and engineering contractors and consultants use our services regularly.

We look forward to being of service to you!