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Finger Proof Fencing

For maximum perimeter protection.

Finger Proof Fencing Finger proof fencing is predomiantly used in fencing systems designed to bring the best protection around the perimeter of a site. It is widely accepted as the most secure form of welded mesh available with compelling advantages over products (for example, chain link fencing) due to its unique configuration. To highlight this, finger proof fencing will not lose stability or unravel in the event it is cut through, unlike chain wire.

The mesh has a clear opening between horizontal wires of less than one centimetre – not enough to insert hand tools for cutting through. The openings available are further restricted by the vertical wires, which form small rectangles across the panel. Because of this, the mesh is very difficult to penetrate using standard hand tools and gives a delay time under attack several times greater than typical fencing products (again, like chain wire).

The small size of the rectangles also make finger-proof fencing almost impossible to climb, while at the same time providing brilliant visibility from both straight on and various angles. Further, finger-proof fencing lacks the typical oppressive appearance of traditional wire-fencing, instead having a pleasing appearance.

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